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·  Eviction/ Unlawful Detainer

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·  Partition

·  Real Estate Fraud

·  Ejectment

·  Specific Performance (contract dispute)

·  Trespass

·  Foreclosure Defense

·  Neighbor Dispute

·  Easement

·  Contracts

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Quiet Title Action- Title Dispute

Quiet Title Action is a remedy to remove other's rights or interests (e.g., ownership, liens, easements, etc.) from the title. These cases can take up to years unless the parties settle sooner. This remedy is non-exclusively used for fraudulent grant deeds, mortgages, etc. on titles. 

Unlawful Detainer/Eviction

For UDs, it is essential to be familiar with sources of California Landlord-Tenant Law, understand Basic Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Tenants and Landlords, and explore options for achieving client’s goals. Services are provided for both residential and commercial Properties.


When co-owners cannot reach to agreement about sale, division, etc. of the property (usually because one of the owners benefits more than the others), a complaint is filed with the court requesting partition of the property.


When there is a dispute about the encroachment on your property, plaintiff brings ejectment to remove that intrusion. These are usually with pemanent objects or structure. E.g., the neighbor thought mistakenly that their boundary line was 2 inch into your property. 


Trespass is someone's entering onto your property/ land without permission regardless of their intent. This can be temporary. E.g., passerbys, public using your stairs or bridge to get somewhere. 

Contract Dispute

There are different remedies avilable when you have problems with your real estate contract because of lack of performance of one party (i.e., Specific performance), fraud was involved in the sale or lease procedure, or there was a non-disclosure by the seller, agent, or broker.

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